Terms and Conditions

By playing at This Casino, and provided you (the "User") are 18 years old or more, you will be deemed to have manifested your consent to enter into the following agreement with us (hereinafter referred to as "Casino") and to accept its terms and conditions, which have been accepted by Casino.

Purpose Of Agreement
The purpose of this Agreement is to regulate the legal relationship between Casino and the User once the User has joined Casino.

Declarations by User
The User declares and warrants that:
To the best of his knowledge, User is not contravening any laws of his home jurisdiction by gambling on the Internet. User fully understands the methods, rules, and procedures of Internet gambling through the application of the software. User is fully aware that there exists a risk of losing money when gambling on the Internet through the application of the software. The source of the funds used by User for gambling on the Internet through the application of the software is not illegal.

Declarations by Casino
Casino declares and warrants that: Casino's operation of virtual casino gambling is directed only towards users who by the laws of their home jurisdiction are not prohibited from gambling on the Internet through the application of the software. Casino carries no intent to enable a User to gamble on the Internet in contravention of any law in the User's home jurisdiction. Application of the software for gambling on the Internet ensures the User Ultimate Random and fair odds.

Copyrights / Trademarks
User undertakes to respect all applicable copyrights and/or trademarks related to Casino operation.

Malicious Activities
User is prohibited from performing any malicious activities and hacking attempts of Casino. Any attempt to modify payment forms or otherwise affect deposit/cashout mechanism will be considered a malicious activity. Any attempt to manually or automatically exploit any security breaches to affect finance or gaming system will be considered a malicious activity. Usage of several user accounts by the same person without prior written consent from Casino will be considered a malicious activity. Casino will instantly ban the malicious User's account without a notice and refund.

Game Error
If User encounters any kind of game error, User is required to stop playing the game and immediately report to Casino's administration. In that case Casino staff is required to compensate lost bets to User and to fix the error within reasonably short time range. If User continues to play and/or doesn't report to Casino, Casino will not refund or compensate any funds lost due to encountered error.

User may terminate this Agreement by notifying Casino in writing at any time. Casino reserves the right to terminate User's membership, at any time and for any reason, at its sole discretion, and in particular in case of any activity that may harm Casino members including, but not limited to, fraud, abuse of bonuses and other promotions, frivolous and unsubstantiated claims. Upon termination by User or Casino as above, Casino shall refund User any funds which may be in User's account unless User attempted to take any fraudulent actions against Casino. Termination by User or Casino as above, shall be without prejudice to recovery by either party of any amount legally due by the other party in virtue of this Agreement.

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