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Bola Tangkas - 7 Stud Video Poker
Bola Tangkas is Video Poker that you get deal 7 cards, however only the first card and the third card are revealed to you at first. You then have the choice of betting every time a card is revealed to you,or just choosing "Draw" for the video poker game to reveal all your cards.
7 Stud Poker is played with a 54-card deck (52 regular deck and 2 Joker).
The Joker can replace any card in the combination.
Button & Keyboard Function
Keyboard Button Information
<J> or <UP> + Increase Bet
<H> or <DOWN> - Decrease Bet
<B> or <LEFT> DEAL Deal Bet
<N> or <DOWN> DRAW Draw All Card
<M> or <RIGHT> COLL Tranfer / Collect
<P> FULL HOUSE Change Full House Bonus
  INSERT COIN Credit In & Out
  CASHIER Make Deposit/Withdraw
  EXIT Exit Game
Bonus Rollover
Everytime You bet, bonus rollover will be adding by point. Bonus only for 4 of kind up, and the maximum bonus are:
- 4 of Kind : max 1000c
- Straight Flush : max 2000c
- 5 of Kind : max 4000c
- Royal Flush : max 10000c

Bonus Full House
When You get Full House and the 3 of kind combination same with the Full House you chosed, you will get bonus 10 x bet.

Bonus JP
Bonus JP is a random bonus, sometimes player will get a JP bonus.

Bonus Pure
Bonus score will be double for combination below.
- 4 of Kind without joker
- Straight Flush without joker
- Royal Flush without joker

Bonus Full Bet
When You bet full wager of 4 times deal and get 4 of kind up, you will get bonus Full bet.
- 4 of Kind : 1000c
- Straight Flush : 2000c
- 5 of Kind : 4000c
- Royal Flush : 10000c

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